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Post by JSAN_911 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:34 pm

heres good post and informative info for the summer heat.

As the mercury rises during the sweltering summer months, rising temperatures can make your pet uncomfortable, or worse, put your pet at risk for heat stroke. Signs of heat stroke may include seizures, vomiting, difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling and complete collapse. To help your pet beat the heat, make sure you follow these five tips…
Seek Shade & Shelter

Fur is great protection against the cold but can be a problem in hot weather. This is because, unlike humans, dogs and cats mostly eliminate heat by panting. When the panting isn’t enough, their body temperature rises, which can lead to heat stroke. So whether it's a covered patio, an umbrella, or even a tree, make sure your pet has access to shade and shelter.
Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

It only takes a small amount of time playing or exercising outdoors in the sun for your pet to start feeling the effects of dehydration. Keep your pet cool and hydrated by providing them plenty of fresh, clean water — especially when it's hot outdoors.
Make a Splash

Allowing your pet to jump in the pool is another great way to keep your pet cool. However, please remember that not all dogs and cats know how or even like to swim. If they look like they are willing to give it a shot, you may want to introduce a flotation device to help them paddle along the pool easier. Also, remember to rinse your pet off once they are out of the pool. Many pools contain chlorine and other chemicals that may remain on the fur and cause an upset stomach or worse should your pet lick it off.
Careful with the Toes

Sand, concrete and asphalt can easily blister and burn your pet's footpads during the summer months. Fortunately there are many brands of pet shoes or boots that will help minimize contact with the hot surface. Choose one that fits your pet's style or wardrobe.
Trim it Up

Ever heard of a summer do? Having your groomer trim off an inch or two from your pet's coat (more so for long-haired pets) will help prevent overheating. If your dog or cat doesn't take kindly to haircuts, you can also try brushing his or her coat more during the summer. This also helps prevent problems caused by excessive heat.

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