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Home Remedy for Mosquito  Empty Home Remedy for Mosquito

Post by JSAN_911 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:34 pm

Mosquitoes attack dogs as quickly as they attack humans, as they feed off of warm-blooded creatures. It is especially important to create a mosquito repellent for dogs, as a mosquito bite can transfer heartworms from an infected dog to your dog.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are one easy home remedy for repelling mosquitoes. Lavender and peppermint oils both repel mosquitoes and have an added quality in that they also repel fleas and ticks, making either of these the best repellent option. Choose either oil, and dab onto the dog's shoulder blades. This will emit a strong enough odor to keep mosquitoes away from the dog entirely. If you would prefer a sprayable solution, mix two cups of water with two spoonfuls of either oil in a spray bottle, then spray over the dog's coat. Stay away from sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, mouth and genitals.

Vinegar is another natural repellent that mosquitoes will not come near, nor will fleas or ticks. They dislike the scent and taste of the vinegar, making it the perfect repellent for blood-sucking insects. One easy way to use vinegar is to simply add a spoonful to your dog's water dish. The vinegar will get into the dog's system and emit a light odor that mosquitoes will easily detect and stay away from. Alternately, mix a sprayable solution by adding two cups of water and one cup of vinegar to a spray bottle. Spray onto the dog's coat, staying away from sensitive areas.

Garlic also emits a odor and taste that mosquitoes do not like, as well as fleas and ticks. The easiest way to use garlic as a repellent is to mix garlic powder with water. Add two cups of water and two spoonfuls of garlic powder to a spray bottle, and shake to dissolve the powder. Spray onto the dog's coat, staying away from sensitive areas. If you prefer to use fresh garlic, crush a handful of garlic cloves, and blend into liquid form. Add to a spray bottle with two cups of water, and spray onto the dog's coat.

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