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Post by SusanG on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:10 pm

Who says I got no friends. Let me just say my friends showed out this weekend in the conformation & working events. Videos coming soon. I want to thank Poni Howard and Shane Carter for putting on a great show...All the dogs were awesome! Wooooo. Just had to do that again! Big winners 2x Best in Show Jemms As good as it gets. Hitmans Ms Blue Magoo and Grays Gutta Chick. Micky Hitman came out with 5 oldes, Micky thanks for the support, tell Gavin and Ashton i can't wait for the next showdown. I really wanna thank Joe Johnson and Amy Johnson, what a great team. They brought the banners & ring i added the pennant and it looked beautiful. Joe and Pete thanks for making this possible, thanks Amy Johnson for helping me with the paperwork. There were nice dogs there. Tank did an awesome job for Beth. Shane said that Beth is a great handler and knows how to show dogs very well. So haters back up.... Eliana's ABs are coming to run you down! We had some new comers from michigan Jeff Hayes with Bodacios and Gracie and Yolanda Parrish with Patches from southside of chicago, Yolanda caught the show bug y'all, she complete with patches in the obedience competition... everyone was impressed by Shanes judging and how he assesed the dogs. Richard Klatt was hilarious and very nice man and good judge. Everyone wash diggin Poni's tournament, the working events where off the hook. We even had a chihuahua in the sprint race and she clocked 7.1 and was 7th of 11 dogs competing... her name was Tink, and she wanted to do the bitework that Lil dog got the most cheers, little package big boom. The food was off the chain....Carlos aka Diablo got down on the grill and he was a great help to me all weekend. The food was great and on us... Saturday beef & chicken Shishkabobs and puerto rican arroz con gandules. Today we had steak tacos dinners sponsored by Kiras American Bulldogs & Taskmaster American Bulldogs. There were 15 dogs in conformation, not a lot but quality dogs and exceptional owners. Recieved a few calls,voicemails and texts about the storm stopping folks and have to say it barely drizzled. EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME So guess what, to all my boot i said you weren't stopping nothing and we're doing it again....hahaha....
To everyone that did the working events beautiful job, you can see the training you are doing is great for all your dogs preformed well. Thank you for being part of the first show. Thanks P Kidd and crew for joining and competing at the show. His dog Aaliyah ran for a 5.2 and win the spring his pitbull win 2nd inthe tournament. Thanks Poni again...great work, you and your guys awesome, we had 13 competitors. Its was fun to watch and we even had walk-ins and they joined our lunch and were amazed at the working events, the Acal testings were educational, there were 7 dogs tried. We met alot of new dog people and future competitors for C3, Olympic dog and Poni Howards Championk9. Thanks again to everyone who supported our effort and we cant wait to do it again.
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