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YARD TIPS................RINGWORM

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YARD TIPS................RINGWORM

Post by JSAN_911 on Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:09 pm

Ringworm is not actually a worm it is a fungus {like athletes foot} that attacks animals and man and is usally obtained via the soil or by contact with contaminated animals.If Ringworm is in your soil be prepared for a real pain in tha azz to deal with.Because it can be transmitted from animal to animal this is one reason you should wash your dog before and after attending dog shows with a betadine scrub to prevent tha infection of your canine friends.

You can attack Ringworm topically ,or internally or both. Fulvacin is tha medication of choice to combat Ringworm internally use this as prescribed by your vet but I would also use Miconizole topically sold as Micatin for atheletes foot. {use tha wet spray not tha dry powder}

Now if your soil is the suspect of your problem or you have several kennel dogs this practice of disenfecting your kennels should be common practice done every couple of months anyhow.Buy yourself a Hudson type sprayer at your local home improvement store they are tha type used to spray pesticides,,fertilzers...ect. that you pump up and spray. This type of sprayer enables you to cover alot of ground quickly.

Anyway fill your pump sprayer with a ratio of bleach to water 1:20 That is 1 part bleach to 20 parts water this will kill,,,, PARVO,,,,RINGWORM,,,and a host of other potential health risks to your dogs,,Remove any straw or other bedding before spraying tha bleach solution and remember that if you have several dogs that Ringworm left untreated can become an epidemic so take the apropriate steps in prevention and treatment and Happy Bulldoggin to all!!............

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